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Nominations for 2020 Board of Directors

Posted 6 months ago by Regina Pommer

It is that time again!

The offices open for election are:

1. The President

The President of the council is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Council and shall see that all decisions and resolutions of the Board of Directors are carried out. The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors and the General Membership. In case of a tie vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote. The President shall be an official member of all committees. The President's duties are to oversee all officers and to ensure that the duties are carried out and the committees fulfill their commitments.

2. The Vice President

The Vice President shall preside over the Board of Directors and the General Membership meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall succeed the president in the event that the office is vacated before the term has expired. The Vice President shall assist the President in all tasks and coordination with regard to the Nurse Practitioner Council of Palm Beach County. In addition, the Vice President shall serve in the following leadership roles:

  1. Director of Elections
  2. Education Liaisons. 

3. The Program Chair

The Program Chair-shall schedule and organize all educational programs. The Program Chair shall oversee all committees related to educational events.

Nominations for these positions will begin October 16th, 2019 and run through November 15th. The nominee must be a member in good standing.

You may nominate yourself or someone else. Please include a message of willingness to serve, as well as a brief bio and why you would be a good candidate for the office. Please turn in nominations to the nominating committee at 

Donna Murray

Katie Diamond

Terri Bilthuis

We look forward to hearing from you!!