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Need volunteers who can share their practice sites with Hong Kong Students

Posted almost 2 years ago by Regina Pommer

Hello colleagues,

This is the 16th year we will be welcoming Master's prepared nurses from Hong Kong. This ongoing program is helping to prepare nurses for the NP role in Hong Kong; in the spirit of global collegiality it is important that we share our knowledge and best practice guides.Two nurses will be spending a week at my home and will be looking to observe diverse nurse practitioner practice experiences with them during their stay.

The nurses will be available for observational experiences of the nurse practitioner clinical practice from April 22 through April 26th. My husband or I will bring the nurse/s to you in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon.  Please let me know if you are interested in sharing your knowledge, skills, and professionalism with our visitors; over the years there have been many friendship made.

I can be contacted at  I look forward to sharing this collaborative effort with you. Thank you in advance.

Gege Weissman